Schools Will have defibrillators by 2022/23 School year

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There will be a change for schools with no defibrillator. The government will provide these schools by the end of the 22/23 academic year. They also have a curriculum that teaches first aid and CPR


English schools will receive defibrillators under new government plans to make sure they have these life-saving devices in their school. These plans will boost the number of devices in every community.


Defibrillators can help save the lives of anyone attending a school. Research shows that if someone suffers from cardiac arrest, with an access defibrillator, the chance of survival increases to over 40%.


The government indicated their intention to examine the use of defibrillators in schools following a meeting with the Oliver King Foundation, supported by the ex-footballer Jamie Carragher.


Mark King, a father and foundation founder, met with the government after his son Oliver died. The government has now worked with charities to identify the need for English schools.


A survey will soon go out to all state-funded schools for the final number of devices. We expect over 20,000 device machines to be procured, and the government is committed to funding any necessary devices.


This rollout will help protect schools and their local communities against cardiac arrest, communicating the purpose of this device to children participating in this course. Schools need only meet current requirements and teach CPR.


Nobody should have to wait for a school resource officer to arrive at a student-on-student cardiac emergency scene when a defibrillator could restart the heart in minutes.


Defibrillators drastically increase the chance of survival from cardiac arrest, especially close to areas that children and young people frequent.


Join the UK's #1 IPGCE at Derby


It’s been 11 years since our son died because he couldn’t be saved through a cardiac arrest. A defibrillator would have solved the problem if it had been on location.


The Government has listened to the campaign and agreed to fit defibrillators in all schools and ensure families no longer need to endure the pain of losing a loved one.


I support the Oliver King Foundation. This is fantastic news given the difficult campaign by Mark and Joanne King. This new commitment from the UK government will change thousands of lives for the better. An inspirational couple has spent decades working to provide defibrillators in schools, which can save young peoples’ lives.


To improve access to defibrillators, schools need to have these devices on-site. These machines are vitally important as they can help save lives.


All schools in England that receive state-funded services will have a device installed. This will help ensure that all schools have access to more space and better technology.


We are now conducting a survey to determine how many schools have defibrillators. This will tell us how many more need to be installed.


They haven’t confirmed the device specification or other details, but the rollout will be this autumn.


The Government encourages school staff to have on-site automated external defibrillators in emergencies. Schools and other education providers can purchase them at a discounted rate through the NHS Supply Chain, including academies and independent schools, sixth-form colleges, FE institutions, and early years settings.


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