The Repercussions of the Teachers’ Strike are Unforgivable

It would be unforgivable if teachers went on strike because of their pay and workload, said Nadhim Zahawi.


The Education Secretary said letting girls do all the housework is irresponsible when homes are in a state of upheaval due to the pandemic.


The NEU said they would be consulting their members and that if the government refused to acknowledge the NEU members’ concerns, they might go on strike. Young people have been more disrupted than any generations before them.

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Zahawi said that teachers striking after Covid’s disruptive performance would be “unforgivable.”


Young people have been affected by disruption more than any other generation. To offend them now, in their recovery from this, is unfair.


Teacher recruitment is low and will cause much damage to the education system if it continues like this. The Government’s proposal for teachers would give an inflated pay increase compared to the inflation rates of other countries in the EU.


Niamh Sweeney, deputy general secretary of NEU, tells Sky News that an imminent teacher’s strike is “more likely than it’s been in [her] 20 years of working in the profession.” She says teachers are struggling, and that means an impending strike.


The letter makes the following points:


“When the economy is doing poorly, teachers are, too.” The average salary for a teacher is at its lowest level in 40 years, and teachers are often overloaded with work. New models such as Copymatic can help reduce some workloads with quality content.


More teachers are finding their hourly rates to be alarmingly low, and as a result, there’s a shortage.


Teachers deserve vulnerability to inflation in the economy. We call for you to commit to higher increases than inflation for all teachers. Starting teachers could be just as entitled to these increases, but you are only proposing a lower one that is likely not as much higher than inflation.


The inaction by the government on these issues is causing real harm to education and their careers.


We have to tell you that if we do not see more effort from you in the coming months, we will consult with our members about whether or not to take measures such as striking.


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