Political Heat Rises After Confucius Institute Ban

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The race for the next leader of the UK is heating up. There are only two existing candidates named Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss.


Global citizenship and discourse should be encouraged. Partnerships with institutions such as the Confucius Institutes that could potentially be harmful should not be reduced.


A way to combat the influence of a foreign power is to get more people, teachers, and students to engage in discussion. China is a potential threat due to its large population.


He doesn’t think it is a good idea to fire the 30+ Confucius Institutes because he believes there is little risk.


The UK should take an educational “front foot” (a proactive position), taking lessons from China, competing, collaborating and reducing the risk of conflict.


In response to the UK’s China-centered educational curriculum, the UK should develop educational programs that are globally focused and emphasise Asian history. This does not, in any way, dismiss the importance of Chinese history.


Rish fal is ignorant of the Confucius Institute and schools around the country.


The schools were partnered with us, and not once did they try to switch over to the dark side.


Global School Alliance works with many students, teachers, and government delegations to help create a positive learning environment for everyone.


I have never once seen a person convert to the “dark side” of technology, even when we work with China.


China pursues education reform to lift most people out of poverty and has demonstrated its high potential for success.


The UK shouldn’t try limiting China’s involvement in British classrooms.

Let us invest in education as a way to compete. If we wish to increase our global standings, investing in our education reform is much better than kicking out a major investor.

Join the UK's #1 IPGCE at Derby

My personal experience with the Confucius Classroom was that it helped me successfully learn Mandarin, attend a school exchange programme, move to China and build my successful business.


My teacher’s support didn’t come from being a member of the CCP; it came because she invested in my future. She supported me in going on a trip and told me to take more evening classes.


“I learned Chinese and achieved the success I have because my high school had a Confucius Classroom.” My secondary school was a Confucius classroom


Three organisations that give the UK an advantage are the Confucius network, British Council and Global School Alliance.


We’ll be investing our time, energy, and money in Global Britain so that children can grow up to be productive global citizens by increasing our export markets.


America is slowly falling behind other countries, and it is an inevitable change we will have to get used to. The same goes for China; we must find a way to work with the changes.


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