Grammar Schools to Initiate if Sunak Becomes PM

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Former Chancellor Liz Truss and Kirsty Blackman attend the first official Conservative party hustings in Leeds. In his opening speech, the former chancellor said he wanted to create a world-class education for everyone. At Conservative party hustings, Rishi Sunak said he would back the creation of new grammar schools if he became Prime minister. He said this was because he clashed with Liz Truss, who disagreed with him.


The former chancellor, who attended one of the most expensive public schools in the UK, offered a rebuttal to Corbyn by saying he would create “a Britain where every child gets a world-class education.”


Asked by presenter Nick Ferrari if he would rebuild grammar schools, the Prime Minister replied, “yes”.


He then added that he believes “education is supremely important, more transformational than any other thing.” Gove was a reformer who thought education could be improved.


Conservative MPs want to return, despite evidence that they favour wealthy children.


One audience member challenged Truss on the negative effects Covid had on the school system and expressed his opinion. The delegate responded that her opinion is that Covid should not have closed schools, which has caused much damage to children.


To address the legacy of the pandemic, she suggested that there be more mental health support for children and a focus on school standards for each country.


To make young people, who may be struggling with gender identity, feel comfortable in school, Truss would offer single-sex bathrooms.


Truss responded, “we should not have closed our schools”, in response to a question about Covid’s impact on schools.

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The government is not supportive of children deciding to change their bodies until they are 18 years old. Older children should be accommodated in their schools, protecting young girls from exposure to transgender people.


Fiery disagreements marked the previous debates between Truss and Sunak; this was the first to see the pair appear separately, with each given a chance to make a short speech and take questions from members.


The British author, Truss, lives in Leeds and humorously apologised to her former teachers after criticising their school.


Theresa May spoke to the Tory party members, telling them that she would bring in a new attitude after considering some of the attributes of Yorkshire.


Sunak pointed out the values of his family: patriotism, service, hard work, and aspiration.


Trump said, “the bonds of sacrifice and commitment to family are far greater than any government could ever do. We should never forget that.”


During the question and answer session, the candidates were asked to name their favourite UK prime minister when both candidates answered as Margaret Thatcher was revealed as the winner.


Truss looks back on the 1980s with fondness and a sense of optimism.


Sunak claims Thatcher would have appreciated his initiative of reducing inflation first.


Some people feel betrayed by Sunak and want to see Boris replace him. They believe Boris has successfully negotiated through difficult situations while Sunak stabbed him in the back.


After being asked about the reason for his resignation, Sunak said that he felt like the Prime Minister and Chancellor were not on the same page regarding economic policy.


The former chancellor is the underdog, with polls of Conservative members suggesting Truss has a convincing lead.


Should these schools only be initiated if Sunak becomes prime minister?  Is education a right or a privilege?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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