Almost 2 Million Courses Started From the NTP

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Almost 1.8 million courses have started through the National Tutoring Programme so far in the 2021-22 academic year.


Roughly 1.8 million courses have started through the National Tutoring Programme, with just over 80% of schools utilizing the program.


There were almost 600,000 course starts in the last two months alone, meaning this project has reached 2.1, meaning this project histogram is transforming how young people receive support at school.


The Government set a target for the academic year of delivering two million courses. The final numbers will be released by the end of the year and are expected to keep growing during the summer.


Despite the winter’s disruption in attendance, schools and students are still resilient. Over 1.8 million courses were started between September 2021 and June 2022.


The National Tutoring Programme offers pupils in England high-quality support in English and maths. This programme is a part of the Covid recovery plan that is giving funding to schools in England.


80% of all schools are now on this programme, 14pp higher since May. School-led tutoring is 3 quarters of what’s being offered, and has been successful so far.


Randstad is out as the sole contractor partner. Part of the Department’s new operating model, schools and their pupils will have easier access to tutoring sessions through three new deliver partners: Tribal Group, Education Development Trust, and Cognition Education.


Minister Quince explains how over 2 million registrations have been completed.


The National Tutoring Programme is helping millions of children across England because it affects education. These latest figures are further evidence of the programme revolutionizing how children are getting tutoring and for whom.


I am committed to providing every student the opportunity to reach their full potential, and I look forward to working with Tribal Group, Education Development Trust, and Cognition Education. Together, we will continue developing this program and work to ensure that more children can be helped by high-quality tutoring.

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Almost 2 million students have used approved tutoring services available at their college to improve their grades this year. Some of these services are Academic Mentors and Tuition Partners.


As schools receive funding for the upcoming year, three new organisations that will help deliver high-quality tutoring have been announced:


Tribal Group will guarantee the quality of tutoring for schools based on their database of Tuison Partners. Schools can rely on this quality assurance to reduce coaching hours, grade point averages, and more.


TDS will soon provide high-quality training for new tutors, so all employed tutors have the knowledge and skills to do this work.


“Ninety-seven per cent of our courses led to a graded qualification.”


The Government has invested in tutoring to make sure that there is an equal opportunity for everyone.


By combining what has been learned from the first two years of the NTP with successful contemporary models, the government will be better positioned to come up with a new system.


We are very happy to have been awarded the contract to support the National Tutoring Programme. We are a company who focuses on providing education, so we are pleased that there is a need for companies like ours in the national tutoring program.


Programme Director Yalinie Vigneswaran, from the Education Development Trust, spoke on The National Tutoring Programme.


A national catch-up plan is a good way to help impoverished populations get back on track. By continuing to provide support, we are able to assure children that they will be able to catch up with the rest of their peers.


The National Tutoring Programme is committed to enhancing students’ academic and personal development across the country. They have been providing tutoring for decades and are excited to continue their work in this area.


Today, schools are also still working with the program to help disadvantaged students in North West, Yorkshire and the Humber and West Midlands.


Results show that students have recovered most of the progress they lost due to the pandemic.


Education recovery will continue to recover children through a £5 billion investment. One of the most important roles of education is to support the government’s Levelling Up mission, which focuses on 90% of primary school children.


The education sector is encouraged to provide summer programmes that incorporate this programme. What are your thoughts on this implementation?

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