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Some students will be relieved when their A-level results are announced. But some students can’t figure out what to do with these results.


If you are still looking for a university spot, tens of thousands are available, and the majority will be recruited via Ucas Clearing. Last year 51,540 found a place this way, and more than half deferred a year.


If you’re looking to get the perfect results on New Year’s Day, here are a few ideas.


Please keep track of everything you need to do with our Ucas guide.


You can check your grades through the system from 8.15 am on results day, with universities and the clearing system showing you several offers. Universities will make their decisions by now. The exam results will be given through the school or college, as well as Ucas, for those without any offers. Make sure not to make a quick decision when finding another course, with universities giving you until 3 pm to make a decision.


How to apply in clearing


You should contact your original university to determine if there are any open seats for you for a similar course or joint honours. It is worth getting your school/college to ask for a priority remark on your exam because it can increase or decrease your mark.


Are you applying for university? Make sure you have a backup plan!


Use the clearing course search tool on the UCAS website to find courses and universities.


How to get higher grades on the A-Levels


This year, students can decline their place, which lets them use “decline my place” on Ucas. They can browse other courses before pressing the button and gather offers from universities after they’ve pressed the button.


How you can prepare for your qualification


If you think you might go into the clearing, it pays to start early by filling out forms for the courses you want so that universities know your interests and can consider your application when they have vacancies. The process officially lasts from early July to mid-October.


Contact universities before selecting new A-level subjects or re-sit exams


Join the UK's #1 IPGCE at Derby

The three ways to do this are through a chat, a phone call, or an online form (which has been more common since the pandemic).


Alix Delany thinks that talking to people is the best way to find a school. The receptionist can be helpful and will have access to any information you are looking for. If the line is busy, keep calling back.


Have a copy of your statement so the admissions staff can easily ask you questions.


Here is how the Letterbox Library keeps up with the offers you get


You can take notes from course titles and get information from those who’ve gone to the courses you want. Parents and teachers can help find classes for you to take.


There are many choices around universities, so you might feel like you’re paralysed with indecision. But remember, you’re not committed until you accept through Ucas. You can gather offers from as many universities as possible before deciding on one.


Are you worried about your A-Level results?


Don’t feel like you always have to rush when choosing a university because another offer will come. Compare the different requests and see which one has the better guarantee for accommodation.


Universities often provide silent offers and lay on open days during the week following results.


Are you worried about A-level results? Check out our checklist.


If you’re uncertain about a university, decide to sleep on it until the next decision deadline. However, if you know the right course for you, input it in Ucas after 3 pm on results day, and the university will confirm.


A-level student finance


You can apply for student finance on the gov.UK website and then create a course module to update your student finance account with your new information.


Here’s What You Can Do If Things Don’t Go Your Way


You can retake it next year or do something else altogether.

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