The Role of Music and Arts: Creative Approaches in the IPGCE Curriculum

The International Postgraduate Certificate in Education (IPGCE) program at the University of Derby places a strong emphasis on the role of music and arts in education. This article delves into how the program integrates creative approaches to enhance student engagement, creativity, and emotional well-being.

Strategies for Integrating Music and Arts

The IPGCE program offers a variety of strategies for integrating music and arts into different subject areas. From incorporating musical elements into math lessons to using visual arts to explore historical events, educators are trained to use the arts as a tool for enhancing creativity and engagement.

Role of Artistic Projects, Musical Activities, and Creative Expression

Artistic projects and musical activities are integral parts of the IPGCE curriculum. Educators are trained to design and implement projects that allow students to express themselves creatively. This includes everything from painting and sculpture to musical performances and digital art projects.

Preparing Educators to Include the Arts

The program prepares educators to see the arts not just as extracurricular activities but as valuable educational tools. Through workshops, seminars, and practical training, educators learn how to incorporate the arts into their teaching methods effectively.

Significance of Music and Arts

The inclusion of music and arts in education has been shown to foster creativity, improve emotional well-being, and even enhance academic performance. The IPGCE program recognizes this and integrates the arts into its educational philosophy, aiming to produce well-rounded, emotionally intelligent students.

Promoting the Inclusion of Music and Arts

The IPGCE program actively promotes the inclusion of music and arts in its curriculum. This is achieved through partnerships with local artists, musicians, and cultural organizations, as well as through the development of resource materials that make it easier for educators to include artistic and musical elements in their lessons.

In summary, the IPGCE program at the University of Derby is committed to fostering a creative and engaging learning environment through the inclusion of music and arts. By training educators to integrate these elements, the program aims to enhance both the educational experience and the emotional well-being of students.


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