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Teaching Abroad in China with an IPGCE: 3 Key Points

Venturing into the realm of international teaching can be a thrilling prospect. The opportunity to immerse oneself in a new culture, learn a different language, and make a significant impact on the lives of students is a rewarding experience. One of the most popular destinations for this endeavour is China. With its rich history, diverse culture, and rapid economic growth, China offers a unique and exciting environment for teachers. This article will explore three key points to consider when teaching abroad in China with an International Postgraduate Certificate in Education (IPGCE).

1. Understanding the IPGCE

What is an IPGCE?

An IPGCE is a qualification for teachers that is recognised internationally. It’s akin to a PGCE in the UK, but with a more global focus. It’s designed for teachers who are planning to teach in international schools, or in countries where English is not the first language. It’s a flexible qualification, often delivered online, allowing teachers to study while working.

Why Choose an IPGCE?

Choosing to pursue an IPGCE can open doors to teaching opportunities around the world. It’s a qualification that is recognised by many international schools, making you a more attractive candidate for teaching positions. Furthermore, the IPGCE curriculum is designed with a global perspective in mind, preparing you to teach in diverse cultural and linguistic settings.

Compared to other teaching qualifications, an IPGCE offers more flexibility. The course can be completed online, allowing you to balance your studies with other commitments. This makes it an ideal choice for those who are already teaching and want to enhance their qualifications without taking a break from their career.

2. Navigating the Chinese Education System

Understanding the System

The Chinese education system is quite different from the UK system. It’s highly competitive, with a strong emphasis on exams and academic achievement. Students often have a longer school day, and extra-curricular activities are usually academically oriented. Understanding these differences can help you adapt your teaching style to meet the needs of your students.

Teaching English in China

English is a compulsory subject in Chinese schools, and there is a high demand for English teachers. As an IPGCE holder, you’ll be well-equipped to teach English in China. You’ll need to adapt your teaching methods to cater to students who are learning English as a second language, and you may also need to teach other subjects in English.

Teaching English in China can be a rewarding experience. You’ll have the opportunity to help students improve their language skills, opening up new opportunities for them. Plus, you’ll get to experience the satisfaction of seeing your students’ progress and develop their confidence in using English.

3. Embracing the Cultural Experience

Living in China

Living in China can be a culture shock, but it’s also an opportunity to learn and grow. The country is vast, with diverse landscapes, cuisines, and traditions. You’ll have the chance to explore historic sites, sample local delicacies, and learn about Chinese customs and traditions.

While the cultural differences can be challenging at times, they can also be enriching. You’ll learn to see the world from a different perspective, and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and society. This cultural immersion can also enhance your teaching, as you’ll be better able to understand and relate to your students.

Learning Mandarin

While it’s not a requirement for teaching in China, learning Mandarin can greatly enhance your experience. It can help you navigate daily life more easily, and it can also help you build stronger relationships with your students and colleagues. Plus, learning a new language is a valuable skill that can open up new opportunities for you.

In conclusion, teaching abroad in China with an IPGCE is a journey filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. By understanding the IPGCE, navigating the Chinese education system, and embracing the cultural experience, you can make the most of this exciting adventure.

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