Teacher Vacancies in Schools Increase


According to new vacancy data, there has been a large increase in teacher and leader vacancies at secondary schools compared with pre-pandemic levels. New TeachVac data published today and seen by Tes reveals a jump of almost two-thirds in jobs being advertised this month compared with the start of term last year. The news comes after Tes revealed last month that schools were being forced to continue recruitment later into the summer than usual, with many still advertising for positions in September.

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The new data shows 1,917 secondary school vacancies advertised on the TeachVac website in September 2020, up from 1,155 in September 2019 – an increase of 63 per cent.

According to the data, teacher vacancies have increased by almost 90 per cent in some areas compared with pre-Covid levels. In the North East, there were 97 teacher vacancies advertised in September 2020, up from 51 in September 2019 – an increase of 90 per cent.

The figures also reveal that the number of school leader vacancies has doubled in some regions compared with last year. In the South West, 43 school leader vacancies were advertised in September 2020, up from 20 in September 2019 – an increase of 115 per cent.

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Commenting on the new data, Tes editor Ann Mroz said: “The significant rise in secondary school vacancies is further evidence of the challenges schools face as they try to adapt to the new normal.

“With many schools still advertising for positions in September, it is clear that the pandemic has had a significant impact on the recruitment process, with some schools having to start the academic year without all the staff they need.”

She added: “The rise in vacancies is also likely to be impacting teacher workload, as schools struggle to cover classes and support pupils’ learning.”

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