Taliban University Ban Condemned as Rights Violation

The Taliban’s ban on women attending university has been widely condemned as a gross violation of human rights. The discriminatory policy stems from an extremist interpretation of Islamic law and has greatly impacted generations of Afghan women, preventing them from pursuing higher education and professional opportunities.

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A chilling example of the Taliban’s attitude towards women can be found in the words of Mullah Mohammad Omar, the movement’s former leader; “I wish God never created women”. This statement sums up their contempt for half of the population, which is reflected in the actions they have taken to limit the freedoms available to Afghan women – including barring them from universities.

Under this rule, girls were not allowed to attend classes even if they met the entry requirements, and that caught studying was subject to arrest. Despite the Taliban’s hard stance on female education, a few brave women defied their ban by attending underground classes and gaining an education.


Today, the situation for Afghan women is slowly improving as more of them can attend university in Afghanistan. However, there is still much progress yet to be made for Afghan women to gain access to educational opportunities fully. This episode serves as a reminder that we must remain vigilant in defending the rights of all individuals – no matter their gender or background – if we are truly committed to achieving true equality.

The Taliban’s university ban is a stark reminder of the obstacles women have faced throughout history in the pursuit of education. For Afghan women to truly gain access to educational opportunities, we must continue to raise awareness and fight for their rights. Only by doing this can we ensure that all individuals – regardless of gender or background – have an equal chance of achieving their dreams.

What do you think of the ban?

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