Sunak Accused Of Being Weak After Debacle

Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, has accused Chancellor Rishi Sunak of being “too weak” to take action following a call from Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) for Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to be suspended.

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The PCS has expressed outrage at Mr Raab’s comments in response to a letter sent by the union urging him to protect civil servants’ jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. In his reply, Mr Raab said that while he had sympathy for those affected by job losses, there was no money available for pay rises or additional protections.

Starmer described Raab’s response as “utterly disrespectful” and argued that it indicates how little regard the Government has for civil servants. He then criticised Sunak, saying he “should have been standing up to Raab’s dismissive attitude”. Starmer stated that “it is not too late for the Chancellor to intervene and show some leadership” to protect jobs and ensure a fair deal for civil servants.

The PCS has reiterated its call for Mr Raab’s suspension, with union general secretary Mark Serwotka saying that if he was not suspended, then “the government cannot be considered serious about protecting public services from further cuts”. The union is also seeking a meeting with Sunak as soon as possible to discuss the issue of job security, and pay raises for civil servants.

It remains to be seen what action Sunak will take, but the pressure is on him to show that he is willing to stand up for civil servants and their rights. The Chancellor’s response will likely become a key issue in upcoming political debates, with Labour and the PCS determined to ensure that civil servants do not suffer further financial hardship during these challenging times.

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