Students Could Not Afford Graduation Cap and Gown

I, like many others, went to order my cap and gown this week. I was the first member of my family to graduate from college, and I never thought about how expensive it would be.


I started paying for events by the hour. I attended my graduation ceremony, hired cap and gown hire, and paid £45. I ordered official photos, which were found to be £60—extra tickets at a ceremony for £20 each.


Cardiff University reviews the cost of graduation and offers help.


As a UK citizen, the cost of my day in Cardiff would be £145 without considering the hotel cost or travel costs.


I decided to purchase the Uber that my nan Eileen and I agreed would be a proud moment to share.


I found out I am not alone.


The essay writer is needed to balance financial responsibilities.


Many workers have to reserve time off work and purchase gas, which raises the cost of getting to work.


“Wow, you must have wanted to attend school! However, with the tuition fees so expensive for your family and yourself, it sounds like it would be near impossible for you to continue.”


So they could avoid any costs, they didn’t attend their ceremonies.


The price of the bumper sticker was insulting.


“I worked hard for four years and went through many complicated times in life, but I did it to earn my degree and not for the ceremony.”


The speaker, Ms Billington, commented that it’s disappointing to graduate in the modern world, with students paying for a degree that may not help them enter the workforce or get a decent-paying job.


Elliot Dollner moved back to Brighton recently. He did not travel back to Cardiff for his graduation.


The university is not considering the costs people have to incur to return to Cardiff for graduation.


UK hotels are charging double and triple the usual rates, making it expensive to trek to Cardiff.


I was delaying my departure to stay at the hotel where the graduation which I’m attending is being held,


“They increased the price right away.”


Some universities have been praised for their affordable graduations. Despite the many student complaints about how pricey the ceremony has become, these prestigious schools present costs for the ceremony that are comparable to other schools.


Emma Blackmore, 22, finished her undergraduate degree at Exeter University in 2021. She then started a master’s degree at Cardiff University without paying for her undergraduate degree.


The white robe was a nice touch.


Newcastle University provides free graduation caps and gowns.


What are Welsh universities doing to help students deal with the price of living?


Cardiff University stated that they had not been notified of any graduates who could not attend graduation due to finances.


Students needing help can receive free gowns and photographs, among other things.


The University of South Wales offers a degree scholarship for care leavers, and Aberystwyth University encourages students to apply for the university’s hardship fund.


Universities in Swansea, Wrexham, Bangor and Cardiff Metropolitan have no support packages on offer. Cardiff Metropolitan Universities said it encouraged students to contact its student services finance team for any needed help.


Students have been put in difficult situations because of the cost of living crisis and face unfair pricing.


Community colleges were also encouraged to provide affordable graduation ceremonies to rejuvenate student spirits.


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