Painting Reignites Cancel Culture Row

The painting, titled “The Whale,” was painted by Dutch artist Thierry Baudet and adorned the walls of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The artwork depicted a giant whale emerging from murky ocean depths with its mouth open, surrounded by small sea creatures.

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The controversy surrounding the painting erupted after it was taken down without explanation by museum officials. This sparked online criticism and speculation that the removal was due to cancel culture. Supporters argued that it symbolized nature reclaiming itself, while critics claimed it represented animals being hunted and overfished for profit.

While much of the debate centred around the artistic merit of the painting, another issue is whether museums should be censored for their content. Supporters of the painting have argued that the museum should not be edited and that it is important to maintain artistic freedom. On the other hand, critics have claimed that museums should be held accountable for their content and that certain works can be considered offensive or inappropriate.


The controversy has highlighted how cancelling culture can be used to silence dissenting opinions in the art world. It also shows how free speech can play out in public forums such as museums. Ultimately, this incident demonstrates the complex nature of cancel culture and provides insight into how digital platforms like social media shape cultural debates. Only time will tell if this debate leads to any meaningful change in censorship or artistic expression.

What do you think of this controversy?

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