Lecturers Urged to Review Assessments After AI Tools

Lecturers in the UK are being urged to review assessments for fairness and accuracy following concerns raised about a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool. Several universities are trialling the AI system, which uses algorithms to grade assignments based on language use, grammar and other factors. It has been suggested that AI can provide more consistent marking than human lecturers. Still, there have also been worries that the technology may not be able to identify cultural context or account for individual student needs.

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In response, Universities UK (UUK) has issued guidance calling academic staff to “carefully review” any assessments marked by AI tools. The UUK advises that while these tools can help reduce grading inconsistencies across large groups of students, they should not be used without “human oversight”.

The guidance also urges lecturers to consider factors such as the student’s level of understanding and their cultural background when assessing assignments. It states that this will help ensure a fair assessment process and allow universities to meet their legal obligations.

UUK has also called on universities to ensure they have robust procedures to protect student data and privacy, including measures to prevent bias or discrimination in how AI tools are used. The advice comes amid growing concern about the use of AI in education, with some experts warning it could make learning less personalised and lead to more standardised teaching methods.

However, AI systems could open up new opportunities for students by providing feedback on their work in real-time. As AI technology advances, it will be important for universities to take steps to ensure the correct use of these tools and that students are not disadvantaged as a result. It is clear from the UUK guidance that universities must take responsibility to ensure fairness, accuracy and privacy when using AI-driven assessment systems.

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