Open Educational Resources: Maximizing Resource Sharing in the IPGCE Curriculum

The International Postgraduate Certificate in Education (IPGCE) program at the University of Derby places a strong emphasis on the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) to enhance teaching and learning. This article explores how the program prepares educators to maximize resource sharing through the use of OER.

Strategies for Utilizing Open Educational Resources

The IPGCE program encourages educators to make use of a variety of OER, such as free textbooks, lesson plans, and online courses. Educators are trained to integrate these resources into their teaching methods, thereby enriching the learning experience and providing diverse perspectives.

Role of Digital Libraries and Creative Commons Licenses

The program leverages digital libraries and platforms that offer Creative Commons licenses to provide a wide array of educational materials. This allows educators to not only access high-quality resources but also to adapt them to suit their specific teaching needs.

Preparing Educators to Use OER

Educators are prepared through workshops and training sessions on how to find, adapt, and share open educational resources. They are taught how to evaluate the quality and relevance of OER and how to integrate them into their lesson plans effectively.

Significance of Open Educational Resources

The use of OER has significant implications for reducing educational costs and increasing accessibility. By using free or low-cost resources, educators can alleviate the financial burden on students and educational institutions. Moreover, OER allows for greater inclusivity by providing resources that cater to diverse learning needs.

Promoting the Use of OER in the IPGCE Program

The IPGCE program actively promotes the use of open educational resources through its curriculum. Educators are encouraged to share their own teaching materials under Creative Commons licenses, thereby contributing to the global OER community. The program also collaborates with OER platforms to keep educators updated on the latest available resources.

In summary, the IPGCE program at the University of Derby is committed to maximizing resource sharing through the use of Open Educational Resources. By training educators in the effective use of OER, the program aims to create a more equitable and inclusive educational landscape.

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