Older Teens Likely to Have Mental Disorders

According to a recent study from the Mental Health Foundation, one in four 17-19-year-olds in the UK has a probable mental disorder. The study also found that young people aged 17–19 are almost three times more likely than adults over 55 to have moderate or severe anxiety and depression.

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The report suggests that this could be linked to increased academic pressures, exam stress, disruptive home lives, and the prevalence of social media use among this age group. This is concerning as mental health problems can have a significant impact on young people’s education prospects and future life chances.

The Mental Health Foundation has called for urgent action to tackle rising levels of poor mental health among young people. They advocate for better mental health education in schools, more support for young people through early intervention services, and greater access to talking therapies.


Teenagers need better access to mental health services and education about the importance of looking after their well-being. We must ensure that all young people receive timely support when needed so they can reach their full potential as happy and healthy adults.


By working together, we can help reduce levels of poor mental health among young people in the UK and create a society where everyone feels supported and understood. Mental health should not be stigmatised or ignored; it must be discussed openly and addressed effectively if we are to make real progress in tackling this issue. With the right resources and support, young people can thrive.e

Let’s start a meaningful conversation about mental health and take action to ensure that all our young people get the help they need. Let’s ensure that no one slips through the cracks and that nobody has to face these struggles alone. Together we can build a better future for our youth. They deserve it!

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