Despite Changes in PM, Barran Remains a Baroness

Baroness Barran is to stay as a minister at the Department for Education in Rishi Sunak’s new government. Lady Barran served as the school system’s minister from September last year and was reappointed by former prime minister Liz Truss. Though her portfolio in the new government has not yet been announced, it is expected that Lady Barran will continue to oversee school system reform, including the expansion of academies.

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She was responsible for leading the government’s controversial Schools Bill through the House of Lords, which is currently awaiting its third reading. Baroness Barran’s continued presence at the Department for Education indicates the government’s commitment to pushing through its education agenda despite strong opposition from some quarters.

Lady Barran is a well-qualified minister with a background in education policy and delivery. She is widely respected by her peers and is seen as a competent and effective operator. The fact that Rishi Sunak has reappointed her indicates that he has faith in her ability to deliver on his behalf.


The Department for Education is one of the most important departments in government, responsible for the education and welfare of millions of children and young people. Baroness Barran will ensure that the government’s education policies are implemented effectively and efficiently.

According to government sources, Baroness Barran is ‘delighted’ to be staying on as education minister and is looking forward to working with Rishi Sunak to deliver his vision for the education system.

In addition to her role at the Department for Education, Baroness Barran is also a member of the House of Lords. She has used her position to speak out on several important issues, including the need to reform the education system.

Baroness Barran is a key government member and will play a vital role in shaping the future of education in England. We can expect her to continue pushing for radical reform and improvement in how schools are run and funded. Her reappointment by Rishi Sunak is a strong indication of his commitment to making education a priority for his new government.

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