Will Students Cheat Now that Essays Can be AI-Produced?

The introduction of AI technology has revolutionised the way we do things and is making many tasks easier. However, its use in writing essays for students has raised some concerns about academic integrity. While this technology may make it more convenient for students to submit their work, it could also open the door to unethical behaviour if not used responsibly.

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One concern with using AI to write essays is that it could lead to plagiarism. If a student copies a report generated by an AI program without properly citing the source, they are committing plagiarism and engaging in dishonest behaviour. If caught, this can have serious consequences, such as suspension or expulsion from school.

Another worry is that students might become overly reliant on AI-generated essays and lose the ability to think critically and express themselves in writing. This could weaken their academic performance if they can no longer show originality in their work or demonstrate an understanding of course material.


Finally, there is a fear that people may start using AI to write essays for students without their knowledge or consent. It can be considered cheating if these essays are used to gain an unfair advantage on an assignment or test. Using such technology for fraudulent purposes should be avoided at all costs, as it undermines the purpose of education and can cause serious repercussions for those involved.

In conclusion, while AI-generated essays may provide an efficient way for students to produce work quickly, special care must be taken when using this technology to ensure that it is used responsibly and ethically. Plagiarism, over-reliance on AI essays, and cheating should all be avoided to maintain academic integrity. Ultimately, the decision lies with the student regarding how they use AI technology—hopefully, they will choose wisely.

What do you think of using AI in schools?

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