Universities Should Do More to Protect Students

Recent years have seen many tragic student suicides, prompting concern over how best to protect students from harm. University administrators and mental health professionals agree that more must be done.

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Many universities are taking steps to ensure their campus communities are better equipped to support vulnerable students by creating initiatives designed to look after their well-being and reduce the risk of suicide. These efforts can include providing counselling services, implementing early warning systems, offering online resources and screenings, promoting awareness campaigns around mental health issues, or developing crisis response protocols.

At the same time, much work remains to be done to create truly safe and supportive learning environments for all students. Universities must continue their efforts to protect students from harm and take a proactive approach by creating an environment in which mental health issues are openly discussed and destigmatised. This means providing more education about mental wellness, offering resources for faculty and staff members, encouraging conversations about help-seeking behaviour, and fostering a campus culture that supports those struggling with emotional distress.

Ultimately, universities must do their part to ensure the safety of their student body by doing whatever it takes to prevent suicide on campus. Can we only create campuses where all students feel safe and empowered to lead healthy and fulfilling lives?

What measures can universities take to create a campus environment that supports mental health?

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