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Top 8 Reasons for IPGCE Teacher Demand in Dubai

Dubai, the glittering jewel of the United Arab Emirates, has become a hotspot for educators worldwide, particularly those with an International Postgraduate Certificate in Education (IPGCE). The demand for IPGCE teachers in this cosmopolitan city has surged in recent years, and for good reason. Let’s delve into the top eight reasons behind this trend.

1. Flourishing International Schools

Increased Number of International Schools

Over the past decade, Dubai has seen a significant rise in the number of international schools. These institutions often follow a curriculum different from the local one, requiring teachers with a specific set of skills and qualifications, such as the IPGCE. This boom in international schools has naturally led to an increased demand for IPGCE teachers.

High Standards of Education

International schools in Dubai are renowned for their high educational standards. They are often affiliated with prestigious educational bodies and follow rigorous curricula, such as the British, American, or International Baccalaureate. As such, these schools seek out IPGCE teachers who can deliver these high standards and contribute to the school’s reputation for excellence.

2. Attractive Salaries and Benefits

Competitive Remuneration

Teaching in Dubai can be financially rewarding. Schools often offer competitive salaries to attract the best talent. Moreover, IPGCE teachers, with their specialised training and international experience, can command higher salaries than their counterparts without this qualification.

Additional Perks

Aside from the attractive salary, many schools in Dubai offer additional benefits such as accommodation, health insurance, and flight allowances. These perks make the overall package even more appealing to IPGCE teachers looking to relocate to Dubai.

3. Professional Development Opportunities

Continuous Learning

Dubai’s educational sector is dynamic and constantly evolving. This provides IPGCE teachers with ample opportunities for professional development. Schools often encourage and support their teachers in pursuing further qualifications, attending workshops, and participating in international conferences.

Networking Opportunities

Being a hub for international education, Dubai offers excellent networking opportunities. Teachers can connect with educators from around the globe, share best practices, and learn from each other. This exposure can be invaluable for an IPGCE teacher’s career progression.

4. Cultural Diversity

International Exposure

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, with residents from all corners of the world. This diversity is reflected in its schools, providing a unique and enriching experience for teachers and students alike. For IPGCE teachers, this international exposure can be both professionally rewarding and personally enriching.

Understanding Different Learning Styles

Teaching in such a culturally diverse environment allows IPGCE teachers to understand and cater to different learning styles. This can be a significant advantage in their teaching practice, making them more adaptable and effective educators.

5. Safe and High-Quality Living Standards


Dubai is known for its high levels of safety and security. This factor, combined with the city’s modern infrastructure and high-quality living standards, makes it an attractive destination for teachers from around the world.


From world-class shopping and dining to a thriving arts scene and outdoor adventures, Dubai offers a lifestyle that’s hard to beat. This vibrant city life, coupled with the opportunity to teach in some of the best schools in the world, makes Dubai a top choice for IPGCE teachers.

6. English is Widely Spoken

English is the lingua franca in Dubai, used in business, education, and daily life. This makes it easier for English-speaking IPGCE teachers to adapt and communicate effectively in their professional and personal lives.

7. Strategic Location

Dubai’s strategic location makes it a gateway between the East and the West. This not only provides exciting travel opportunities but also exposes teachers to a blend of Eastern and Western educational philosophies.

8. Government Support for Education

The UAE government places a high priority on education, investing heavily in the sector. This commitment to education translates into better facilities, resources, and support for teachers, making Dubai an ideal place for IPGCE teachers to ply their trade.

In conclusion, the demand for IPGCE teachers in Dubai is driven by a combination of factors, from the proliferation of international schools and attractive remuneration packages to professional development opportunities and high living standards. For IPGCE teachers looking for a rewarding teaching experience, Dubai certainly ticks all the boxes.

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