TikTok Fined for Misusing Children’s Data

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently ordered the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok to pay a hefty fine of £12.7 million for collecting and sharing data of minors without proper parental consent.

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This massive fine is one of the largest penalties ever issued by the FTC against a company that illegally collects and shares data from children under 13 years old, which is prohibited under US law. According to the FTC, TikTok collected information such as email addresses and IP addresses of users between ages 13 and 15 without obtaining their parents’ permission or informing them about what was being done with their kids’ data.

TikTok has also agreed to delete all videos made by children under age of 13 that were created and uploaded to their platform and all related data. This includes the videos seen by millions of users on TikTok and shared on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

The FTC also required that TikTok implement better security measures, create a comprehensive system for verifying parental consent, provide training for employees who handle children’s data, and regularly monitor policies going forward. Additionally, if any violations occur in the future, the company will be subject to additional penalties.

This settlement marks an important step toward protecting young people online. It highlights the necessity of companies being transparent about using children’s personal information and adhering to privacy laws when collecting it. In the future, parents and children must be vigilant in reading the terms of service for any websites or apps their kids may use to ensure that their data is properly protected.

Overall, this settlement serves as a warning to other companies who handle children’s data about the importance of taking such information seriously and following all applicable laws. Companies should also understand that if they fail to do so, hefty fines can often result.

What implications does the FTC’s fine against TikTok have for other companies that collect and share children’s data?

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