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The Pandemic Pushed Students Behind in Math and English

The national test results released on Thursday painted a bleak picture of the pandemic\’s effects on American schoolchildren. For the first time since the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests began tracking student achievement in the 1970s, 9-year-olds lost ground in math, and scores in reading fell by the largest margin in more than 30 years.

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This is a devastating blow to our education system and will have long-lasting consequences for our students. This year\’s results show that the epidemic has erased two decades of math and reading achievement progress.


We must do better as a country to support our students and educators. We must invest in our schools and provide the necessary resources to help students succeed. We also need to do more to address the learning loss during the pandemic.


According to the test results, the achievement gap between white students and students of colour has widened. This is unacceptable. We must close this gap and ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed.


The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but it has especially impacted our students and educators. We must do better to support them and help them recover from this setback.


In addition, the pandemic has disproportionately impacted low-income and minority students. These students are more likely to attend under-resourced schools and have been less likely to have access to distance learning opportunities during the pandemic.


We must do more to level the playing field for all students and address the inequities in our education system. We cannot let this pandemic set back our students indefinitely. We must do better for them, and we will.


What do you think? How can we improve our education system to better support our students? Let us know in the comments.


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