Teaching Has No Flexibility Between Industries

The UK Education Minister, Gavin Williamson, has issued a stern warning to the teaching profession – that it must become more flexible or risk losing out to other industries. Speaking at a virtual conference on teacher recruitment and retention, Mr Williamson said teachers needed to be able to move between roles and schools if they wanted to stay in the profession.

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He said teaching had traditionally been seen as “inflexible” compared with other professions, where employees could easily switch roles or companies and gain new skills and experiences. He argued that this was not only frustrating for teachers but also detrimental to the education system.

Mr Williamson suggested that teachers should have designated career development paths that enabled them to diversify their skills while staying in the profession. He also said teachers should have more flexible working opportunities, such as part-time and remote work, to help them develop their careers.

The minister’s comments come when the UK sees an increasing number of teachers leaving the profession due to a lack of job satisfaction and flexibility.

Mr Williamson hopes his warnings will help persuade more teachers to stay in the profession – or attract new people– by giving them more career development and flexibility opportunities. He said: “We must make sure teaching remains attractive and can offer meaningful routes of progression and success.”


This emphasises the government’s focus on making teaching a more attractive profession and improving the retention of teachers in the UK. It is hoped that Mr Williamson’s words will help ensure that teaching not only survives but thrives in the years ahead.

The virtual conference was viewed by over 1,000 people from over 50 countries and provided a platform for global collaboration on teacher recruitment and retention issues. Discussions focused on how to make teaching more attractive, flexible and rewarding, with panellists from around the world sharing their experiences and perspectives. The event concluded with an agreement that more must be done to support teachers during this challenging time, including ensuring they have access to job flexibility and career development opportunities.

It remains to be seen what measures will be implemented following the conference. Still, Mr Williamson’s words have certainly emphasised the government’s commitment to making teaching an attractive and rewarding profession. By improving job flexibility and providing more career development opportunities, it is hoped that teachers will be better supported in the years to come.

What else can be implemented?

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