Teachers Must Stop Strikes For Schools to Open

Education Minister Justine Greening has urged teachers to stop striking to keep schools open and minimise disruption for students. She said that while she sympathises with the difficult circumstances many teachers face, it is important for the sake of the pupils that schools remain open.

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Ms Greening said: “I understand why staff are taking industrial action, but I urge them to put their students first and not take part in strikes.”

She highlighted how closures could affect vulnerable children, especially those who rely on free school meals and NHS services provided during term time. The minister also emphasised the need for a longer-term solution to benefit teachers and pupils.

“We must find a way forward that achieves the necessary reforms to improve pay and conditions for teachers while ensuring children are not left behind,” she said.

The minister called on both sides of the dispute to find a resolution that would be in the best interest of everyone involved. She added that reaching an agreement quickly is key and that it must be fair so that no party is disadvantaged.

Ms Greening concluded: “I am committed to finding a way forward which delivers a good deal for teachers and protects school standards.”

Her statement comes as teachers across the country continue to protest pay and conditions. Hopefully, a resolution can be found soon so that students are not affected any further.

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