Taliban Arrest Female Protesting University Ban

The Taliban have recently arrested a group of Afghan women who were protesting against a ban on university attendance for female students. This was implemented by the hardline Islamist regime, which governs much of Afghanistan and has enforced strict gender rules since coming to power in 1996. The protesters had gathered outside Kabul University to call for an end to the ban, which has effectively shut off access to higher education for thousands of women across the country

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The arrests come shortly after reports that several universities in Afghanistan had scaled back their admissions policies so as not to accept any female applicants. This is a major setback for efforts by international organisations and civil society activists in recent years to expand educational opportunities for girls and young women in Afghanistan.

The protesters have released a statement saying they are “appalled” by the Taliban’s decision to arrest them. They have called upon the international community to stand in solidarity with Afghan women and oppose the ban on university attendance. They also urged the United Nations and other organisations to take immediate action to ensure that all Afghan citizens have access to education.


The arrests have sparked outrage among human rights activists, who accuse the Taliban of violating basic principles of gender equality. Activists are calling on world leaders to pressure the Taliban into reversing their policy and for greater investment in girls’ education in Afghanistan. In addition, many civil society organisations have expressed concern about how this will adversely affect girls’ prospects for future employment opportunities in an increasingly competitive job market.

The arrests have highlighted the dire situation faced by Afghan women and the need to ensure that they are afforded the same rights and opportunities as men in accessing education. It is clear that there is an urgent need for increased efforts to protect and promote gender equality in Afghanistan, particularly in areas such as access to education. Until this happens, it will be difficult to end the cycle of poverty and inequality that has blighted the country for decades.

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