Rugby Mom Fights for School Place for Son with ADHD

At age four, Sarah’s son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She had been a rugby mum for some time and watched her son play on the pitch. But as his condition progressed, so did the difficulties he faced in school. Teachers called him out for disruptive behaviour and threw him out of classes as early as Year 1.

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Sarah soon realised that her son needed more support than he was getting at school, especially in learning. Despite trying various medications and therapies, nothing seemed to help him focus or control his emotions during lessons. After a few failed attempts to find appropriate schooling, she eventually turned to specialised education – but found limited opportunities in her area.

Unwilling to give up, Sarah researched schools and found one that provided a nurturing environment for children with ADHD. After countless emails and phone calls, she managed to secure her son a place at the school – something she never thought possible. He is now flourishing, working towards his GCSEs without disruption or anxiety.

Sarah has made it her mission to make specialised education more accessible for parents of children with ADHD. She regularly organises fundraising events to raise awareness and provide support for families struggling in the same way she did. Her story inspires those who may feel lost when finding the right school for their child. With determination and perseverance, anything can be achieved.

Throughout her journey, Sarah has advocated for children with ADHD and wants to ensure they receive the same opportunities as their peers. She believes no child should be denied access to education because of a learning difficulty. With her resilience and optimism, she is determined to make sure all children have a chance at success – regardless of their struggles.

Sarah’s story shows us the importance of finding the right support for our children when it comes to schooling. Despite some difficulties and setbacks, she never gave up on getting her son into a school where he could thrive. Her perseverance and determination can provide hope for other parents in similar situations who may feel overwhelmed by the task ahead. 

What obstacles have other parents faced when finding appropriate schooling for their child with ADHD?

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