Old-School Backpacks Become an Issue

The trend of lightweight, stylish backpacks that have become popular in the West is finally making its way to Japan. Japanese schoolchildren are increasingly complaining about the overly-heavy school bags their parents and teachers ask them to carry around daily.

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Today’s kids want a lighter backpack that won’t weigh them down and distract from their learning, so new lightweight designs are becoming more popular. These more unique backpacks use modern fabrics and cushioning materials to ensure that even when fully packed with books, supplies, and other items for class, they don’t strain users’ backs as much as traditional styles do.

Moreover, some manufacturers have gone beyond reducing weight by introducing features such as breathable shoulder straps and compartments for water bottles or even tablets. These new backpacks can also come in stylish designs, which makes them more attractive to students of all ages.

The trend towards lightweight, ergonomic backpacks is growing among Japanese schoolchildren as they realise the benefits of these newer styles over traditional ones. With the increasing demand for lighter bags, manufacturers have responded by introducing more modern designs with features specifically tailored for Japanese students. Soon, Japan may finally bid farewell to those overly heavy bags!

What do you think of the trend?

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