Ofsted Boss Surprised By Rise of Smartphone Use

The recent report from Ofsted chief Amanda Spielman found that pre-teens as young as five are being given smartphones by their parents, which has been met with surprise and shock. While many parents may think that giving their children access to the world of technology will equip them for the future, experts believe otherwise.

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Studies have shown that too much screen time can affect a child’s development. It can lead to a lack of sleep, attention problems, anxiety and depression, and difficulty forming relationships with peers and adults. Furthermore, exposing youngsters to online danger through unrestricted internet use is also a cause for concern – making it important for parents to put restrictions in place regarding device usage.

One of the ways that parents can help protect their children is to properly research the type of device they are giving to them. A range of machines is available on the market with different levels of parental control and security features. Parents should consider these when deciding what type of device to give their child and the age-appropriateness of apps and other content.

It’s also important for parents to remain aware and informed on any changes in technology which could affect their child’s safety online. With new devices being released regularly, parents need to stay up-to-date with potential risks and dangers to ensure their children are using technology responsibly and safely.

Overall, parents need to ensure that their children are using technology in a way which supports their well-being and safety. By taking the time to research devices and set boundaries around usage, parents can help protect their children from potential harm whilst still giving them access to the benefits of modern technology. In this way, they can ensure that their kids remain safe online and prepared for life in the digital age.

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