Keegan Suggests to Restrict Overseas Students

Gillian Keegan, the Member of Parliament for Chichester, has publicly rejected the Home Office’s proposed plans to restrict overseas students from studying in Britain. In a statement released on her social media channels, she said: “I am deeply opposed to this plan and urge the government to reconsider it. Students from abroad contribute to our educational institutions and local economy.”

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Ms Keegan explained that although some action needs to be taken regarding immigration policies, targeting young people pursuing higher education is wrong. She argued that instead of restricting student visas, the government should focus on creating more efficient pathways for those entering with work-related visas.

The MP then addressed her constituents, saying: “I understand the concerns raised in my constituency and across Britain, but I remain firm in my belief that this proposed plan would be a backward step and have a profoundly negative impact on our local economy.”

Ms Keegan concluded her statement by urging the government to think of more effective solutions that will benefit international students and British businesses while also allowing for appropriate controls on immigration. She believes this will help create an open and vibrant economy across the country.

What do you think of her statement?

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