Is Ofsted Liable for Ruth Perry’s Death?

The government’s handling of the death of school leader Ruth Perry has sparked outrage amongst the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), who are calling a move to take Ofsted to court. The NAHT – the leading union for school leaders in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – is taking action on behalf of its members by beginning legal proceedings against Ofsted over its role in Ms Perry’s death.

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Ms Perry worked as a headteacher at an Essex primary school when she faced criticism from Ofsted inspectors over her disciplinary procedures. She resigned shortly afterwards, citing stress-related health issues. However, Ms Perry took her own life four months later due to what her family have described as ‘an intolerable level of stress’.

The NAHT is now launching legal action against Ofsted, arguing that the inspectorate failed to ensure Ms Perry had proper support during and after her inspection. The union’s general secretary, Paul Whiteman, said: “Ruth should not have been put through the trauma of an inspection with no pathway for getting back into teaching… We are taking this case to court because we believe those responsible must be held accountable for their actions.”

The legal proceedings are expected to take several months before a conclusion is reached. In the meantime, the NAHT has called on schools nationwide to provide better support services to staff members who face difficult work environments or stress-related issues. The NAHT hopes that by improving the support system, more teachers will be able to avoid the same fate as Ms Perry.

The case is an example of how school leadership can directly influence the well-being and safety of staff members, highlighting the importance of ensuring that school leaders are given adequate resources to carry out their roles in a healthy and supportive environment. The NAHT’s legal action against Ofsted could set a precedent for future cases involving school leadership and its relation to staff welfare. Regardless of the outcome of this case, it serves as an important reminder of the need to provide adequate support services to those who work within our educational systems.

How is the NAHT using legal action to hold Ofsted accountable for its role in Ruth Perry’s death?

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