Investments Now Taught in Maths

Investing in maths teaching is essential for our children to have the skills they need to be successful in their future. The landmark times tables data released by the Department of Education shows us just how far students’ understanding of maths has come and where there is still room for improvement. With more investment into teacher training, resources, and technology, we can continue to increase student engagement with maths and ultimately raise standards across the board.

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There are several ways that schools, teachers and parents can support this investment in maths teaching. Schools should review their current curriculum to ensure that it meets the needs of all learners; teachers should use interactive tools such as online quizzes or games to keep pupils engaged, and parents should get involved in their children’s learning by helping them to practice home or providing extra resources such as textbooks and online tutorials.


By focusing on the quality of maths teaching, we can ensure that our children have the skills they need to succeed. The landmark times tables data has highlighted areas where further investment is needed, and it is up to us all to work together to ensure this happens. With better-trained teachers, more resources available and greater opportunities for parental involvement, we can ensure that all pupils get the support they need to gain a deep understanding of maths and become successful mathematicians.

Investing in math education gives students the tools necessary for success in school, college, and their future careers. With the help of teachers, parents, and resources, students can master the fundamentals of mathematics to build the foundation for a bright future. The landmark times tables data provides us with important insight into where further investments need to be made to maximize student learning and engagement with maths. Let’s all commit to supporting our children by investing in maths teaching and providing them with the best opportunity for success!

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