Home Office’s Horrid Treatment of Afghan Refugees

The Home Office has been accused of “shunting” unaccompanied child refugees around the UK like cattle from Afghanistan. This is despite Home Secretary Priti Patel promising to end the practice of moving children in this way.

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Charities have spoken out about the injustice these young people are subjected to, with a recent report by Refugee Action revealing that some had been moved up to six times after arriving in Britain. Many of these vulnerable children face disruption to their studies and mental health due to such frequent moves.

Priti Patel said she was committed to “ending the long-standing practice of moving unaccompanied asylum-seeking children around the country”. However, David Simmonds, chairman of the Local Government Association’s asylum, refugee and migration taskforce, has accused the Home Office of “systematically going against this commitment”.

The Refugee Council has called for an urgent review into the practice of moving child refugees around the country like this, labelling it “inhumane” and saying that it must end urgently.

The government needs to ensure that unaccompanied child refugees are settled in safe and stable homes where they can begin to rebuild their lives without fear of disruption or displacement. This is especially important during these uncertain times due to Covid-19, as these children should not be made to suffer any additional hardship. Immediate action must be taken to ensure their safety.

To properly protect and care for unaccompanied child refugees, the Home Office must enforce its policy of ending this practice and ensure that these young people have a secure home to begin rebuilding their lives. The government must end this inhumane practice as soon as possible. Only then will we be able to guarantee their safety and well-being.

What measures will the Home Office take to ensure unaccompanied child refugees are settled in safe and stable homes?

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