Heads Accused of Revealing Striking Staff

In recent weeks, there have been reports that some heads of departments have been ‘throwing colleagues under a bus’ by naming striking staff in attempts to break the strike. This practice has led to betrayal and mistrust among the affected workers.

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Employees who feel they have been unfairly targeted may be reluctant to participate in further industrial action for fear of being identified and punished. This can damage morale and undermine the strength of any unionised workforce. It is important to remember that when individuals are taking part in lawful industrial action, it is not appropriate for employers or managers to single them out this way.

All staff members who are involved with industrial action must receive fair treatment throughout the process. Employers should be aware that singling out staff members and attempting to break the strike is unacceptable–it only creates an atmosphere of mistrust and resentment. Furthermore, it can also hurt workplace productivity.

Employers need to respect their employees’ right to take part in lawful industrial action and ensure they are treated fairly during strikes or other industrial activities. Employees should feel comfortable voicing their concerns without fear of discrimination or retribution from the employer. By nurturing a positive work environment, all parties involved will benefit from improved communication and productivity in the long run.

What do you think of their actions?

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