Family Worry About Being Told to Leave

For Nadine and her five children, living in temporary accommodation is a constant source of stress and anxiety. They could be told to leave at any moment, so they must be constantly prepared for the possibility of upheaval.

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Every time they move, Nadine\’s children have to change schools, which makes it difficult for them to settle and achieve their full potential.

Nadine finds it hard to keep her children on a routine, impacting their mental and physical well-being.

She constantly worries about the future and whether they will ever find a place they can call home.

According to a report by the Local Government Association, more than 5,000 children are living in temporary accommodation in the East of England.


The LGA calls on the government to invest in more social housing to solve the ongoing crisis.

In the meantime, Nadine and her family will continue to live in limbo, not knowing when they will have to move again.

In addition, the family often has to live in cramped and unsuitable conditions, making day-to-day life very difficult.

If you are also living in temporary accommodation, you may be able to relate to Nadine\’s situation. It can be a very tough experience, but there is support available.

You can find more information on your local authority\’s website or housing association. Alternatively, you can contact a housing advice service for free, confidential advice.

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