Ethnic Groups Still Experience Discrimination in Pay

Despite the educational success, minority ethnic groups in the UK still face discrimination in terms of pay and careers, according to a new study. The Institute for Fiscal Studies report found that while most minority groups outperform their white British counterparts in exams and university attendance, their earnings and job prospects are still lagging.

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This suggests that discrimination is still a major barrier to minority groups achieving their full potential in the UK.

According to the IFS report, the problem is particularly acute for black and Bangladeshi Britons, who earn around 25% less than white British workers with similar qualifications.

Other minority groups also fare worse than white British workers on career progression and self-employment rates.

The IFS study highlights the need for further action to tackle discrimination in the UK labour market and ensure that all groups have an equal chance to succeed.

In addition, the report calls on the government to do more to improve the educational attainment of minority groups, as this is key to ensuring their future success in the labour market.


Professor Jonathan Portes, one of the authors of the report, said: “The progress minority groups have made in educational attainment is very welcome, but the labour market outcomes we observe – particularly for black and Bangladeshi workers – show that much more needs to be done to ensure equality of opportunity.”

The government has said it is “committed to tackling discrimination in all forms” and will consider the report’s findings.

What do you think of the IFS report? Do you feel more needs to be done to tackle discrimination against minority groups in the UK? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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