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Apprenticeships offer a practical way to learn on the job and gain qualifications simultaneously. For many young people, embarking on an apprenticeship is an exciting opportunity to step out into the world of work, but it can also be daunting. To help you make informed decisions about taking up an apprenticeship, we spoke to some current employees in the East of England who have undertaken such programmes.

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Danny O’Reilly began his apprenticeship with The Learning Centre in Cambridge two years ago and has already achieved a qualification in business administration level 3. He said: “It was scary starting my apprenticeship as I hadn’t done anything like this before, but it was well worth it! I’ve learned so much from the job and have been able to develop my skills in a supportive environment.”

Emma Dobson, who undertook an apprenticeship as a software engineer with a technology company in Bedfordshire, found that her programme supported her. She said: “My employer helped me to understand what I was doing and guided me when I needed it. They were also very accommodating of my other commitments, such as college courses which made juggling everything much easier.”

Amber Johnson did an apprenticeship while studying for a BSc degree at the University of Essex and is now working in their postgraduate admissions team. She said: “I’m so glad I took up the opportunity to do an apprenticeship. I learned so much and gained invaluable experience that has been incredibly helpful in my career.”

These are just a few of the stories we heard from apprentices across the East of England, but they demonstrate why this route can be an excellent way to gain qualifications and experience while you earn money. Suppose you’re considering taking up an apprenticeship. In that case, it’s worth talking to current or former apprentices in your area to learn more about their experiences and get advice on what to expect. With the right attitude and approach, an apprenticeship could open up some exciting opportunities for you!

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