Childminding Sector Under Crisis

The Scottish government is facing increasing pressure to take action on a looming crisis in the childminding sector. Reports have highlighted that growing number of providers are quitting the profession, with almost half of all registered childminders estimated to leave over the next five years. This would create a severe shortage of childcare places for young children and could increase parents’ costs.

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Several factors contribute to this problem, including an ageing workforce and rising demand for services due to population growth. In addition, recent changes in legislation have led to greater financial pressures on childminders, with many claiming they can no longer afford to continue working as professionals. Other factors include concerns about lack of training, low wages and perceived stigma associated with the profession.


The Scottish government has promised to provide extra support for those in the sector, including additional funding for training and better recognition of childminders’ work. However, more needs to be done to ensure the future of this vital service. Without urgent action, Scotland could face a major shortage of childcare places and an increase in costs for parents – both of which would have a significant impact on society as a whole

It is essential that the Scottish government takes decisive steps now to address these concerns and secure the future of this important service. This will benefit children and their families directly and help ensure that Scotland has an adequately trained workforce ready to care for future generations.

To sum up, the Scottish government must take urgent action to address the looming crisis in the childminding sector. Without swift and decisive measures, Scotland could face a major shortage of childcare places and increased costs for parents that would significantly impact society. Steps must be taken now to help existing providers and ensure enough well-trained professionals are available for future generations. Only by doing so can we guarantee this vital service’s security and long-term sustainability for children and their families throughout Scotland.

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