Adoption Coerced by Government Revealed

Rebecca Harris, from Somerset, England, was forcibly adopted in 1959 when she was just two years old. This has never happened despite her desperate attempts to reunite with her birth parents. Rebecca is one of many people who were taken away from their families and put up for adoption in what is known as the Baby-Snatching Scandal of the 1950s and 1960s.

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Rebecca recently called on the government to apologise to those affected by this scandal. She says that an apology would go a long way towards providing much-needed closure for those affected. As well as expressing her outrage at what happened, Rebecca also noted that it was important for those involved in the scandal to be held accountable for their actions; those responsible should not be allowed to escape without punishment.

Rebecca is one of many people lobbying the government for an official apology. However, despite a growing chorus of voices calling for justice, it remains unclear whether or not the government will take any action. Rebecca and her fellow campaigners continue to fight for recognition and closure.

The plight of those affected by this Baby-Snatching Scandal serves as a reminder of the injustices that can occur in society when individuals are denied basic rights. Therefore, governments around the world must recognise their responsibility to act on such wrongdoings and ensure that no person is ever subjected to such mistreatment again. Until then, Rebecca’s campaign continues its struggle for justice and recognition.

What steps can be taken to ensure that governments worldwide take responsibility for their actions when it comes to mistreating individuals? How can we prevent such injustices from happening in the future?

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