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Activities Cancelled In Response to Battling Rising Costs

School Activities Cancelled In Response to Battling Rising Costs

It has been reported that schools may have to scrap trips out for students and halt music lessons as they battle rising costs.

Headteachers told BBC news that school trips would have to be cut before they considered reducing staff.

Schools have been hit particularly hard by rising energy costs, and teachers must find savings.

One head teacher, Jayne Bartlett, said she was unsure whether her school’s yearly trip to Bletchley Park could go ahead. She was worried that poorer pupils would be significantly impacted if they couldn’t make the trip, which helped to teach them about British history.


Another headteacher, David Carter, said that his school had already cut back on energy costs by turning off lights and using less heating. He added that they might have to start charging for music lessons if prices continue to rise.

These reports come as the government is facing pressure to provide more funding for schools. Headteachers have warned that without additional funding, they will be forced to make further cuts which could impact the quality of education.

Vice president of the National Association of Head Teachers union, Simon Kidwell, said that his school was likely to be in £80,000 of debt after staff pay rises this year. He is considering saving by reducing swimming lessons to half a term for most pupils and cutting the number of music lessons.

It is unclear how much impact these cuts would have on the quality of education, but it is clear that schools are under immense financial pressure. With the cost of living rising, we will likely see more reports of schools having to make cutbacks in the future.

According to the BBC, the Department for Education has said it is “fully committed to supporting schools” and is providing an extra £1.3 billion in funding this year. However, many headteachers say this is insufficient to cover the rising costs.

Do you think schools should scrap trips and music lessons to save jobs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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