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9 support networks for international school teachers in China

Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, especially when you’re taking on the role of an international school teacher. It’s a job that comes with its own unique set of challenges, from adapting to a new curriculum to understanding cultural nuances in the classroom. But fear not, because you’re not alone. There are numerous support networks available for international school teachers in China, designed to help you navigate through this exciting new chapter of your life.

1. International Schools Services (ISS)

The International Schools Services (ISS) is a non-profit organisation that provides a wide range of services for international educators. From professional development opportunities to job placement services, ISS is a comprehensive support network that caters to the needs of international school teachers in China.

One of the key benefits of ISS is its extensive online community. Here, you can connect with other educators, share experiences, and gain insights into the unique challenges of teaching in China. It’s a great way to feel connected, even when you’re miles away from home.

2. Council of International Schools (CIS)

Another valuable resource for international school teachers is the Council of International Schools (CIS). This global non-profit membership organisation is dedicated to the advancement of international education and provides a wealth of resources for teachers in China.

From professional development courses to networking events, CIS offers a variety of opportunities for teachers to grow and thrive in their roles. Plus, its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion makes it a supportive and welcoming community for all educators.

3. Teach Away

Teach Away is a platform that connects teachers with international job opportunities, including positions in China. But it’s more than just a job board. It’s a community of educators who are passionate about teaching abroad.

With Teach Away, you can access a range of resources, from interview tips to advice on adjusting to life in China. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your needs as an international school teacher in China.

4. TES Connect

TES Connect is a global teaching community where educators can share resources, advice, and experiences. It’s a fantastic support network for international school teachers in China, offering a space to connect with other educators and learn from their experiences.

Whether you’re looking for lesson plans or tips on classroom management, TES Connect has got you covered. It’s a treasure trove of resources, all created by teachers, for teachers.

5. International School Community

The International School Community is an online platform where international school teachers can share their experiences and insights. With over 10,000 members, it’s a vibrant community that offers a wealth of knowledge and support.

Members can access a range of features, from school reviews to salary information, making it a valuable resource for teachers considering a move to China. Plus, its discussion forums provide a space for teachers to connect and share advice.

6. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn isn’t just for job hunting. It’s also home to numerous groups dedicated to international school teachers. These groups offer a platform for educators to network, share resources, and discuss the challenges and rewards of teaching in China.

From groups focused on specific subjects to those dedicated to teaching in China, there’s a LinkedIn group for every educator. It’s a great way to stay connected and engaged with the wider teaching community.

7. WeChat Groups

WeChat isn’t just a messaging app. It’s also a social network, and it’s incredibly popular in China. Many international school teachers use WeChat groups to connect with each other, share resources, and offer support.

Whether you’re looking for advice on living in China or tips on teaching, WeChat groups can be a valuable source of support. Plus, they offer a way to stay connected with the local community and understand more about Chinese culture.

8. Local Expat Communities

Local expat communities can be a lifeline for international school teachers in China. From social events to online forums, these communities offer a way to connect with other expats and share experiences.

Whether you’re looking for advice on where to live, how to navigate the local school system, or just want to make some new friends, local expat communities can be a valuable source of support.

9. Professional Development Networks

Professional development networks, such as the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) and East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS), offer a range of resources and opportunities for international school teachers in China.

From conferences to workshops, these networks provide opportunities for professional growth and networking. They’re a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in education and connect with other educators in the region.

In conclusion, moving to China as an international school teacher can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. With the right support networks in place, you can navigate this new chapter with confidence and ease. So, take advantage of these resources, connect with other educators, and embrace the exciting opportunities that teaching in China has to offer.

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