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8 must-read international school teacher blogs in Singapore

Singapore, a vibrant city-state known for its multicultural diversity and high standard of education, is home to a plethora of international schools. These institutions, teeming with experienced educators from around the globe, offer a unique perspective on education, culture, and life in Singapore. Many of these teachers have taken to the digital sphere to share their insights, experiences, and teaching methodologies. In this blog post, we’ll explore eight must-read blogs penned by international school teachers in Singapore.

1. The Global Classroom

The Global Classroom, curated by an experienced international school teacher, provides a fascinating look into the world of global education. The blog delves into the unique challenges and rewards of teaching in an international setting, offering practical advice and strategies for other educators in similar situations.

What sets this blog apart is its focus on fostering global citizenship in students. The author often draws parallels between teaching strategies and real-world issues, making it a thought-provoking read for educators and parents alike.

2. The Expat Educator

The Expat Educator is a blog that chronicles the journey of a British teacher in Singapore. The author shares personal experiences, teaching tips, and insights into the Singaporean education system. The blog is a treasure trove of information for those considering a move to Singapore for teaching.

One of the highlights of this blog is its candid discussions about the challenges of adjusting to a new culture. The author’s experiences can be likened to a guidebook for new expat teachers, providing valuable advice on navigating cultural differences in the classroom and beyond.

3. The Tech-Savvy Teacher

In the digital age, technology has become an integral part of education. The Tech-Savvy Teacher, written by an IT educator at an international school in Singapore, explores the intersection of technology and education. The blog offers practical tips on integrating technology into the classroom, reviews of educational apps and software, and discussions on the latest trends in edtech.

What makes this blog a must-read is its focus on the practical application of technology in education. The author’s comparisons between different educational technologies make it easier for educators to choose the right tools for their classrooms.

4. The Mindful Teacher

The Mindful Teacher is a blog that explores the concept of mindfulness in education. The author, a psychology teacher at an international school in Singapore, shares strategies for incorporating mindfulness into teaching and learning. The blog also delves into topics such as student wellbeing, mental health, and positive education.

Like a calming cup of tea amid the hustle and bustle, this blog provides a refreshing perspective on education. The author’s approach to teaching, which prioritises student wellbeing, offers a refreshing contrast to the often high-pressure world of international education.

5. The Creative Classroom

The Creative Classroom, penned by an arts teacher in Singapore, is a celebration of creativity in education. The blog showcases innovative lesson plans, creative teaching strategies, and inspiring student artwork. It also provides tips for fostering creativity in students and creating an engaging learning environment.

Similar to an artist’s palette, this blog is vibrant, diverse, and full of inspiration. It’s a must-read for educators looking to infuse their teaching with creativity and innovation.

6. The Inclusive Educator

The Inclusive Educator is a blog dedicated to inclusive education. The author, a special education teacher at an international school in Singapore, shares insights into teaching students with diverse learning needs. The blog covers topics such as differentiated instruction, classroom accommodations, and strategies for fostering an inclusive learning environment.

Like a welcoming classroom, this blog is a space where all educators can learn and grow. The author’s commitment to inclusive education shines through in each post, making it a valuable resource for teachers of all backgrounds.

7. The Eco-Educator

The Eco-Educator is a blog that explores the role of education in promoting environmental sustainability. The author, a science teacher at an international school in Singapore, shares lesson plans, school-wide initiatives, and personal reflections on teaching sustainability.

Like a breath of fresh air, this blog brings a much-needed focus on environmental education. The author’s passion for sustainability is infectious, inspiring educators to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their teaching.

8. The Lifelong Learner

The Lifelong Learner, written by a seasoned educator in Singapore, is a blog that champions continuous learning. The author shares professional development opportunities, book recommendations, and reflections on her own learning journey. The blog also explores the importance of lifelong learning in a rapidly changing world.

Like a good book that you can’t put down, this blog is both engaging and enlightening. It serves as a reminder that learning doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom, making it a must-read for educators committed to personal and professional growth.

In conclusion, these eight blogs offer a wealth of knowledge, insights, and inspiration for educators in Singapore and beyond. Whether you’re an international school teacher, an expat considering a move to Singapore, or simply interested in global education, these blogs are well worth a read.

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