Statement of Good Conduct Guidelines when Applying for the QTS Programme

If you have resided outside the UK (or never lived there) for six months or more during the past five years, you must provide a criminal record check (if you have one) from the countries where you lived. This is often called a Statement of Good Conduct, though the name can vary from country to country. 

We suggest adding a paragraph to the recommendation letter from your two placement schools, as this can serve as a statement of good conduct. However, where you currently reside, you will also have to do a police check too. 

QTS: How to Apply for a Statement of Good Conduct?

The application procedure for criminal record checks or statements of good conduct can differ from country to country. For guidance on applying for overseas checks, you can visit the following webpage: 

It’s important that your Statement of Good Conduct is issued in English or you obtain a certified translation of the certificate. If you still reside in the country where you need the statement, we suggest applying for it before leaving, as it’s often easier to obtain the statement from within the country.

QTS: When to Apply for a Statement of Good Conduct or Police Check?

Suppose you currently reside outside the country where you require the Statement of Good Conduct. In that case, we recommend you apply as soon as possible due to the potential length of the application process. 

If you still live abroad and do not plan to move before the programme starts, you should apply for the statement by the end of the term/semester (ideally). The check needs to cover your entire period of residency abroad, and you must allow enough time to receive the statement before the start of the course. 

I Worked Abroad for a Year – Do I Need a Statement of Good Conduct?

Yes, the requirement for a Statement of Good Conduct applies to any six months or more period spent outside the UK for work and voluntary service with Children.

How to Explain Why I Need a Statement of Good Conduct?

We can provide a statement detailing why the check is necessary if the embassy or police authority requires it. Please email your request to [email protected] 

Difficulty Obtaining a Statement of Good Conduct?

If you encounter difficulties obtaining your Statement of Good Conduct, please contact us at [email protected] We can offer some advice based on our experiences with previous applicants.

I Received My Statement of Good Conduct – What Next?

Once you have received your Statement of Good Conduct, please scan and email a copy to [email protected] 

Please keep the original safe; you may need it in the future.

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