How to Guide on Applying for the IPGCE

Complete the attached document and send back to me on WeChat: derby-ipgce

Using the guide below to apply for the PGCE course in less than 30 minutes. 

This guide is designed to aid aspiring teachers in understanding and preparing for the PGCE course at Leeds Beckett. The PGCE route is best for experienced but unqualified teachers, teaching assistants, and graduates with experience to gain a world-class teaching qualification.

Step 1 

Collect together your documents to make the initial application to get your information registered with Leeds Beckett:

  • Degree certificate (translated if not in English) and official transcripts – (Translations must be done with an official stamp) LINK 
  • Photographic ID documentation (passport or driver’s license) – LINK

  • A detailed personal statement showing evidence of your teaching experience, both past and present, and the reason you wish to join the PGCE at Leeds Beckett LINK

  • A CV detailing previous roles in schools, including dates and positions held. (Experience must be written with the most recent job at the top) LINK
  • A recommendation letter from your current school saying you are ready to start the PGCE (can be a digital signature) and you have their support LINK

Step 2

Wait for Derby to reply via email (normally within 48 hours). You will also receive an email back giving you a student ID 100…

Use this in all your subsequent communications with the university. You will be given an email outlining the offer made:

Unconditional Offer this means you have reached all the entry criteria for the IPGCE and have to reply to accept the Offer to [email protected]

Conditional Offer If we need additional documents from you, a member of our administrative team will contact you. This will state what other information, documents or English language tests are required. Once you have provided them, your offer switches to an unconditional Offer.

Course Acceptance Receiving an offer means accepting the course, provided you’ve submitted all requested documents.

Here are some key benefits of the Derby IPGCE:

  • International Recognition: The Derby IPGCE is recognised in many countries worldwide, giving graduates a competitive advantage when applying for teaching positions in international schools.
  • Flexible and Accessible: As an online program, it allows students to continue their professional duties while studying. This flexibility can make it a very attractive option for practising teachers seeking to enhance their qualifications without taking an extended leave from their current positions.
  • Broad Curriculum: The programme offers a global perspective on education, exposing students to various teaching methods, educational philosophies, and curricula from different countries. This can broaden your understanding of education and give you new insights into your teaching practice.
  • Personal and Professional Development: The course challenges you to reflect on and improve your teaching practices. The skills and knowledge gained can boost your confidence, enrich your teaching, and potentially open new career opportunities.
  • Networking Opportunities: As part of an international programme, you’ll be studying alongside teachers worldwide. This can provide a unique networking opportunity, allowing you to form connections with professionals in your field from various backgrounds and experiences.
Engaging IPGCE Teacher

The Derby IPGCE gives you an equal footing with any university graduate applying for top international jobs. Whether you are a beginning teacher or an experienced educator, the course provides a comprehensive understanding of the demands and challenges of teaching internationally, making you a more employable candidate for international schools. 

Please follow the instructions carefully below and the templates that we have provided. If you require us to proofread your application documents or have anything, please send them to us via Whatsapp or WeChat. As a result of the high volume of people applying for the Derby IPGCE course currently, we suggest applicants apply two months before the official closing date.


The course challenges you to reflect on and improve your own teaching practices. The skills and knowledge gained can significantly boost your confidence, enrich your teaching, and potentially open up new career opportunities.
Jake N
Head of English, BISS Puxi
The programme offers a global perspective on education, exposing students to a variety of teaching methods and educational philosophies from different countries. This can broaden your understanding and give you new insights into your own teaching practice.
Amy P
ESL Teacher, BSTokyo
I have found this online program to be a game-changer for me. I'm a practicing teacher, and the idea of enhancing my qualifications was always daunting due to my professional commitments. This program allows me to study while teaching.
Join the UK's #1 IPGCE at Derby
Anisha P
IGCSE Science, Dulwich College Singapore
One of the standout features of the IPGCE at Derby is the opportunity to collaborate with professionals from various fields. The stimulating discussions and exchanges of ideas with my peers have given me a deeper understanding of educational theories
C. Silva EY Teacher British School of Beijing
Alison P
Head of PE, Alice Smith

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