Toilet Sensors Installed in School Bathrooms to Stop Vaping

Baxter College recently announced an initiative to install sensors in all of its toilets that identify and track vaping. The sensors can detect when someone is using a vape or similar device and sound an alarm so faculty and staff can take appropriate action. This is part of Baxter College’s commitment to providing its students with a safe and secure learning environment.

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The new toilet sensors are just one of the measures the college has taken to reduce vaping on campus. Other initiatives include strict rules regarding vaping products, increased education about the dangers of vaping, and increased enforcement against those who violate the policy. In addition, Baxter College has implemented an anonymous reporting system that enables students to report any suspicious activity related to vaping without fear of retribution.

The college also works closely with local law enforcement to ensure compliance with anti-vaping laws and regulations. These efforts demonstrate Baxter College’s commitment to helping its students stay healthy and safe.

With the new toilet sensors, Baxter College aims to create a deterrent for those who might consider vaping in restrooms on campus. The sensors are just the latest step in the school’s ongoing mission of creating a more secure and healthy learning environment for all its students. By installing these sensors, Baxter College sends a strong message that it takes vaping seriously and won’t tolerate any anti-vaping rules or regulations violations. This initiative is important in keeping their students safe and ensuring their academic success.

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