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Texas Principal Suspended After Shooting Incident

The head of the school where nineteen students and two teachers were killed has been suspended.


Mandy Gutierrez, an administrator at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, was placed on paid administrative leave on Monday due to a decision made by the superintendent.


The school principal had worked in the Uvalde school district for over 20 years and was finishing her first year when the tragic shootings happened. One week after June\’s heinous shooting, a preliminary report by the Texas state legislature identified many of the internal issues which led to these events.


Cedillo did not provide any details that led to the suspension of Rosario Gutierrez, but this step is one of many against officials in the wake of the report\’s release.


Uvalde school district police Chief Pete Arredondo was on paid leave five days after the recent report release.


The Saturday meeting was postponed because of due process requirements and the request from Arredondo\’s attorney.


The report found that responsibility for the massacre was on the teacher and an assistant when they knew there was a broken lock in a classroom but didn’t fix it.


In 2007, a mass shooting at the U.S. Navy Yard in D.C. killed 21 people and wounded 17 others.


After Hurricane Harvey, responders failed to establish an incident command post.


Although the case in Uvalde, Texas, seemed chaotic, ranking officers of the other responding agencies did not offer to help with a command post. Such was evident during this incident.


The date that the school district\’s final day will be changed so that they can provide support services and increase security measures.

What precautions should the state or national government initiate to prevent further distraught?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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