Starmer attacked Chancellor Rishi Sunak for introducing Tax Benefits

Mr Starmer said taxpayers’ money should not be used to provide financial assistance to well-off parents who can afford to send their children to exclusive schools. He argued that it would be better spent on investing in state schools and providing educational opportunities for all children.

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The Labour leader also raised concerns about the implications of the new policy on social mobility and inequality levels in Britain. He warned that it could lead to more pupils from affluent backgrounds attending private institutions instead of public ones, exacerbating disparities between different social groups.

Starmer criticised Sunak’s decision to introduce the tax breaks, saying it was a “step backwards” for social mobility and equality. He said that instead of providing financial incentives for wealthy parents, the government should be doing more to support state schools and ensure every child in Britain receives a good quality education regardless of their background.


The Labour leader concluded by calling on the Government to reverse its decision and invest public funds into improving state schools rather than offering tax benefits for private institutions. He argued that this would be better for educational standards and help reduce inequality levels across the country.

Starmer’s comments were criticised by some Conservative MPs who defended Sunak’s policy. They argued that private schools provide a high level of education and offer choices for families who can afford them. They also argued that punishing wealthy parents for wanting the best educational opportunities for their children was wrong. However, Starmer maintained his stance, arguing that the policy would only serve to entrench inequality levels in society further

Overall, the debate around Sunak’s tax benefits for private schools shows how divided the opinion is on the issue of social mobility and inequality in Britain. While some MPs argue that public funds should be used to help all children access good quality education regardless of background, others feel wealthy parents should have access to exclusive schools if they choose. The outcome of this debate will likely have a significant impact on the British education system and could shape its future direction.

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