Specialists hired to help with Technical Difficulties

Schools are hiring specialists to reduce the “technological ADHD” symptoms caused by using tablets and laptops. These specialists can provide long-term solutions to children with these skills.


The decline in handwriting, grammar and spelling.

As children return to school, many will spend extra time with specialists. This is because occupational therapists will treat some kids who have fallen behind.


“The pandemic has had a huge impact on learning”, Geoff Barton said. Evidence of this is seen in key stage 2 SATs, where the percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in writing, maths, grammar, punctuation and spelling was 10% lower than in 2019 before the pandemic.


Many children have become stuck in their typing skills since Handwriting has been neglected due to school lockdowns.

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Children don’t just learn how to write naturally. They require explicit training, which decreased during the pandemic because parents were not adequately teaching children at home due to fear of spreading the flu.


Schools are using one-off funding to help with the falling academic results. However, this will only fund 75% of tuition. The government has said that in 2022-23 schools will get £349m, with the option to invest 25% of fees.

A specialist teacher from King Athelstan School in London provides phonics intervention to recap sounds taught in preschool and link up handwriting.


A writing specialist will work with classroom teachers to provide high-quality writing tutoring for grades 5 and 6 at St Peter and St Paul Church of England Primary.


Grasmere primary school in Hackney has successfully addressed the deterioration in handwriting through methods like learning loss interventions.


A new scheme at Brunel University will involve occupational therapy students in the research of the local primaries. These professionals will be helping children who have fallen behind in writing by providing small and relevant clinic sessions.


Barton has a question regarding the government’s investment in education recovery.


When children return in September, many will spend extra time with the specialists and occupational therapists. They will be employed to help children who have fallen behind in school.


The pandemic has had a huge impact on learning. Students are experiencing reduced percentages of SAT achievements in writing, math, grammar, punctuation and spelling. For example, writing tests have fallen by 9%.


Students may have to spend the summer working on their penmanship if the wildfire near Yosemite continues to spread.


Schools in lockdown caused kids to engage with their work on laptops and tablets instead of writing. The wave of staff and pupil absences disrupted the children’s handwriting skills.


Handwriting is a complex learning process that needs to be taught explicitly. This is why children should be taught how to handwrite, and the pandemic of 2009 affected how often people wrote.


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