Smile Swap Shop Initiated to Help Families in Need

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To help families in need, London charity Smile is now holding a school uniform ‘pop-up swap shop.’


The service, which supports local families on low incomes, was previously only available via referral. However, it has now been opened up to the whole community as even parents in full-time work struggle to kit out their children.


Families can donate good quality, unwanted uniform items at the swap shop and pick up free items that other families have donated. This is a great way to reduce the cost of purchases for the school.


So far, the response from the community has been fantastic, with many people taking advantage of the service. One parent said: “It’s helped me out as I’m on a low income and couldn’t afford to buy a new uniform for my son.”

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Families can trade their old uniforms at the swap shop for new ones that better fit their needs. This saves them money and removes the stress of finding affordable uniforms for their children.


Parents can also take advantage of the free advice and guidance that Smile’s team of experts can offer. With their help, families can find the best deals on uniforms and other back-to-school essentials.


In addition, the charity is also working with local businesses to help provide discounts on school uniforms and other items. This includes a 10% discount at participating branches of Marks & Spencer.


Smile’s ‘pop-up swap shop’ is just one way the charity tries to help needy families. Please visit their website for more information or how you can help.


If you’re a London parent in need of assistance with your child’s school uniform, be sure to visit Smile’s website to learn more about the swap shop and how it can help you because Smile’s goal is to make sure that all children have the supplies they need to succeed in school, regardless of their family’s income. With the community’s help, they are one step closer to achieving that goal.

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