Should I Send My Child In This Weather: A Dilemma

There is no law to restrict the maximum temperature in classrooms. The headteacher is entitled to make decisions based on student comfort and other factors.  Forecasters have warned that lives will be at risk as the weather expected this week could break records. Health officials have declared a national emergency to be prepared for the potentially deadly conditions.


London may hit near the UK’s highest recorded temperature of 38.7C, with a forecast for Monday and Tuesday of 38C.


Tuesday bodes to be the hottest day, with temperatures as high as 40C.


Children are more vulnerable to heat stress than adults due to difficulties regulating their temperature and sweating.


Even though the government is not telling schools they need to close, highly-weather forecast models tell some schools to shut down early on certain days. Even though it somewhat depends on the school, many are getting ready to close around lunchtime due to the forecasted weather.


How parents can organise online tuition during the heatwave or when schools close


Several schools will relax the uniform rules and allow kids to wear their PE uniforms rather than their typical school uniforms.


Should nursery schools stop teaching under the heatwave?


Thomas Bennett Community College, West Sussex, will see the introduction of remote learning, completed with Google Classroom. Students will still follow their usual timetable while learning remotely.


A small number of staff will go into the school only for pupils with no alternative. The school said in a letter to parents that this was for “safety reasons.”


Surrey school of 2,000 pupils is also switching to online tuition for two days. The school has also cancelled trips to nearby Thorpe Park and Port Lymne.


West Sussex schools are shutting down due to fallen branches and other road debris. My local school is closed until Wednesday, but I recommend keeping your children home until then.


A spokeswoman for the 213-pupil school said that parents had been advised to allow their children to come inside of school if they felt like it.


Many head teachers are delaying school sports days because of heat exhaustion concerns.


There is no law requiring law requires schools to send children home when certain temperatures are reached.


One of the options for individual school leaders is to make adjustments, such as closing shops or relaxing clothes.


The government says that employers should only ensure conditions are reasonable. Any reasonable employer should comply with this rule to protect their employees.


The guidance states that a reasonable temperature is needed in offices. It doesn’t specify a maximum temperature, but in extreme cases, you can take your measures if it’s too hot to work.


Employers must follow the mechanics of workplace safety, one of which is providing employees with clean air and a comfortable temperature.


The National Union of Teachers have plans for extreme temperatures.


If classrooms are too hot, schools should close the classroom or send pupils home.


Schools are set to close next week at 26 degrees Celsius.


Students should be allowed to wear shorts or skirts, not just trousers. Schools should change their dress codes to allow this.


Pupils might need to be sent home if it’s too hot inside the building.


The Department for Education suggests keeping students hydrated, limiting vigorous activity in hot weather and using ventilators when possible.


If you were a parent or if you are, would you send your child to school during these situations? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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