Secretary Under Fire After Shielding Private Schools

An investigation by the BBC has revealed that Education Secretary Gavin Hunt was involved in a scheme to shield private schools from paying an estimated £1.7bn in VAT due to changes in legislation. The system, which a lobby group reportedly devised, would have allowed wealthy individuals and organisations to avoid paying the tax.

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The scheme centred around an exemption for ‘charitable purposes, which is available for businesses that meet certain criteria. The lobby group suggested taking advantage of this loophole by setting up trusts and registering them as charities, allowing private schools to receive VAT relief without paying taxes.

Hunt denied involvement and insisted he did not know such a plan when he took office. However, the BBC’s investigation has revealed that he had been in contact with the lobby group before taking office and was aware of their proposals.

In response to these revelations, Labour MP Angela Rayner said: “It seems clear that Gavin Hunt used his office to try and help wealthy donors and private schools avoid paying £1.7bn in VAT – something which is unacceptable. We need a full investigation into this scandal to establish the truth.”


The news has sparked widespread outrage amongst taxpayers who feel they are being taken advantage of by powerful interests. It remains to be seen what action will be taken against Hunt for his role in the scheme. Still, it appears there will likely be repercussions for his involvement. It serves as a reminder of the need for increased transparency and accountability in government and highlights the power of lobby groups in influencing decisions at the highest levels. It is essential that public institutions are held to account and that all those involved in wrongdoing are brought to justice. This scandal must not be allowed to go unpunished.

The BBC investigation has spotlighted an issue that affects society and is of great significance. Those in power must be held to account for their actions, no matter how influential or wealthy they may be. This incident serves as a warning for all those who seek to abuse the system for their gain. To protect taxpayers’ money, such schemes must be subject to rigorous scrutiny, and any individuals involved must face appropriate consequences for their wrongdoing. The fight against tax avoidance and evasion must continue if fairness and justice are to prevail in our society.

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